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Business setup &
Company Formation in Dubai

Business setup & Company Formation

Al Wasael PRO services Dubai have proven time and again that experience and skills are essential to ensure success in paperwork management for business or personal reasons. We are proud to use our updated knowledge of government institutions in order to assist you in processing official documents. Our document clearing services Dubai are second to none owing to our customized approach and consistent professionalism. We can help you with visa applications, business licenses, approvals, labour cards and more. Simply reach out to us and explain your particular requirements. Obtaining investor and partner visa can be a tricky procedure but you never have to worry about such hurdles again thanks to the visa services of Al Wasael. Contact us for assistance in documents clearing in Dubai allowing you to focus on your central business operations.

Dubai Company Setup Company Formation

We facilitate the best business set up in UAE by enabling hassle-free investor and partner visa attainment. Regardless of the nationality of your partners and investors for freezone companies, we are capable of presenting maximum chances for their visa application approval. Company formation can be an intense process for business owners, which is why Al Wasael has developed an excellent support system for this purpose. Allow us to assist you in freezone company formation utilizing our experience and skills that have been honed to perfection. Choose company formation in Dubai through our extensive range of business setup services in Dubai aimed at feasible solutions. We give wings to your lofty ambitions as the best business setup company in Dubai encouraging you to fly higher and higher up.

You may rely on our vast expertise in association with your license activities for Dubai free zone companies. Thanks to our experience accumulated by setting up business in Dubai within a wide variety of industries we are accustomed to catering to license requests for different business sectors. Discuss your license particulars with our sharp professionals who can make the smartest recommendations and eliminate problems in obtaining or renewing licenses. Our assistance begins from company registration in Dubai all the way to acquiring necessary business licenses to maintain or expand operations.

Visa Services

Are trying to get a visit visa, planning immigration, starting a new job abroad or staying in a foreign country for a limited time period? Al Wasael provides premium visa services in order to a complete your list of requirements efficiently and precisely. Experience the difference our professionalism makes from the submission of your visa application to receiving your visa on time. Owing to our years of expertise interacting with various embassies we have honed our skills to perfection. You may confidently rely on the advice of our trained visa professionals in Dubai to secure your visa quickly and without hurdles.

It does not matter what kind of visa you are attempting to procure, Al Wasael has a group of visa experts that will assist you in obtaining family visa, maid visa, visit visa for UAE and visit visa for foreign countries. Our host of visa services in Dubai has been specially designed to deal with each specific visa category for a customized experience depending on the personal needs of our clients. We have abundant experience in handling tough visa cases may it be for work, family or recreation. Al Wasael assures you of 100% cooperation and professional support that promises you the best chance at visa procurement.

Visa Service

If you wish to get family visa in Dubai requirements are carefully explained to you according to your particular case. Family visa Dubai charges, documents required, processing time and other information is provided to you in the beginning. While we manage everything from A to Z for our esteemed clients, our visa experts are dedicated to educating clients on the practical aspects of visa applications. This enables you to make smart decisions through our specialized assistance. Keeping you aware every step of the way for acquiring family visa in Dubai ensures that you are relaxed and updated on the visa process.

Legal Translation Services

The legal translators of Al Wasael leave no room for error practicing a strict protocol to maintain a high standard of work to serve our clients the very best in legal translation services Dubai. Our professionals have undergone rigorous training to sharpen their skills and ensure that they follow the proper regulations as per the law. We have a group of highly educated legal translators who are proficient in both languages on a technical level rather than just a simple understanding of lingual particulars. This ensures 100% accuracy in the legal content that we translate making us the top translation company in Dubai.

Legal Translation

The primary requirement of legal translation service in UAE is the knowledge about legal terminology. Our experts are well aware of what relevant terms mean and the different ways in which they may be used in legal documents. A slight mistake in translation can completely change the meaning of a sentence which can be disastrous in legal paperwork. The impressive grasp on concepts that our professionals have ensure that they pay attention to the context in the words in front of them reducing any errors to zero. You can be certain that there are never any misunderstandings or mistranslations under the keen eye of our legal translators.

There is a vast variety of legal documents depending on their use in professional or personal cases. We have hired the best legal translators after extensive interviews and firm training to guarantee perfection in our translation services Dubai. Since every kind of paperwork has its own particular requirements and terminology we make sure that our experienced professionals are deeply familiar with them all. They study the necessary lingual demands of the legal document before them and go about fulfilling these requirements to the best of their abilities. You can always be confident while trusting them because they consistently deliver high quality results.

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